This page is to keep you informed of any congregation or area events through the year. Make sure to keep checking out this page for new events or reminders.

Updated: 9/3/18

Building Work-Day - October 6th 10am-12pm (Lunch Afterwards)

Fall Gospel Meeting - "Family Wanted" October 19th-21st (Friday-Sunday)
     Friday, 19th at 7:30pm - God's Invitation for You: Family Wanted | Speaker: Tim Hall
     Saturday, 20th at 5:30pm - What Is This World Coming To: Family Values | Speaker: Drew Leonard
     Sunday, 21st at 10:00am - The House That Built Me: Family Memories | Speaker: Eddy Craft
                              11:00am - When Home Isn't Home Anymore: Family Reunions | Speaker: Eddy Craft
                              5:30pm - When We're All That's Left: Family Support | Speaker: Michael Jordan
Men's Meetings for the 2018 Year at 9:00am
     October 6th
     November 10th
     December 1st
Men After God's Own Heart Leadership Class - After each men's meeting at 9:30am
Fellowship Meal Dates
     September 30th
     October 21st
     December 16th (Holiday Meal)